EZ Party has been launched as an answer to those who wanted to rent sound and lighting systems to the general audience, who didn’t wish to pay for the services of a DJ. Because sometimes, a DJ is not required, not wanted, or there just isn’t the budget for it. Because sometimes, all you need is the music.

EZ Party has been started by Daniel Drouin, a DJ with over 25 years of experience in the mobile DJing business, who thought there was a gap that needed to be filled in the event planning business spectrum. Whereas people could get all sorts of customization for their event with a mobile DJ company, it wasn’t possible to book a mobile without a DJ. That’s where EZ Party enters the game: with sound and lighting equipment rental at the focal point of its business, and thus eliminating the need to pay for the services of a DJ, this reduces considerably the operation costs for the location of the equipment for the end user, making it an affordable choice for the customer.

While restrained to the Gatineau-Ottawa area for the time being, EZ party aims to develop into a franchised business and establish itself in all of the major cities in Canada.